Thursday, April 22, 2010

World Earth Day

If you have the Google site as welcome page in your internet browser, you should have noticed that today the 22th of April is the international Earth Day.

This day was created in 1970 in the United States and since then takes place all years at the same date to remind people the importance of environmental matters which in all cases are global. For that, there are a lot of actions and events made then, informations are provided, and also discussions about different environmental topics and helpful ideas to turn the development of the environment and the climate of the earth have been started then (well, I hope not only then - I hope the ideas will be carried in the daily life and the future too).

As we all live on this planet (and I hope we would be able for a long time further) it is something that concerns us all - not only this or that region. For this reason it is essential that every country at this giant blue ball - and every single person - takes his or her responsiblity to save the environment and climate. There are many possibilities to do so, and every little step is a step toward this goal.

On this occasion, I especially want to refer the American readers to the actual Climate Petition to your Congress. Please sign it numerously so that them can see that this is especially important for you!

Instead of listing now a couple of ideas for a better world, I'll first ask you - the reader: What would you do, or have already done, for the environment and the climate of this planet? Which are your suggestions to live in a manner that minimizes (or even prevent it completely, if possible) the damage of the environment, to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and to avoid toxic materials etc. What do you think about BIO articles (nutrition, cosmetics etc.) in the supermarket? And also: Do you share the opinion that atomic energy in long term should be replaced by "green" energies (like solar, wind and water energy)?

I am very interested in your answers. I guess I will take this topic on with the one or other aspect from time to time.

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