Wednesday, August 17, 2011

London riots 2011 - my two cents

You surely still remember the London riots in the beginning of this month. Shocking pictures were showed on the TV screen and in the internet.

Questions of how it could occur, and how people can carry so much hate in their hearts that is expressed in such a violent and destructive way, might have come into your mind. Myself, I think about this when I see such things.

I think, there must be a very big portion of frustration and desperation to react like this. They might feel that they don't have or aren't given a perspective in their lives, neither professional nor personal. They might feel not accepted or even isolated in society so they see this as the only way to receive some attention from it.

But instead of doing something about the roots of such despaired reactions, it seems, the only thing the government do is to increase the police assignment for the time of the riots and start a relief fund for the store owners who have experienced a damage! (And what about the damage for the private owners of houses etc.?)

In my opinion, this will not change something about the roots of such civil disturbances and social desperation. What would prevent it, is to give the actors a perspective, organise an education so they could find a job, and start social projects to improve their integration in the society. Such things...

As long as this basis of social and financial security of each person is not given, and as long as there are persons who don't experience any tolerance and acceptance within the society, it is only a matter of time until a new riot in a European or whatever city will take place. Like it had already arrived in Paris 2005.