Saturday, January 14, 2012

Achieve goals more successfully is possible!

Surely you know the situation: In a Champagner-sparkling mood you made plenty of "well-intentioned" New Year's resolutions that finally never will be realised. Why is it so? And how can this be changed and the goal setting process be optimized?

  • One reason can be that this resolutions weren't concrete enough, or you don't have thought enough about how the realisation could take seriously place. In that case, the solution lays in defining the purpose more concretely and making some concrete plans for it.
  • In the previous planning, when you have listed all you want to achieve within a certain period, it is also decisive to prioritize. What is primarily important to you or has to be done first (for example if one goal is dependant from the development in another area), what second etc.
  • Or you have a big plan regarding the goals you set, but haven't considered that realisation would cost so much time and / or energy. Than it is better to divide this goal into smaller steps and intermediate objectives.
  • But also extern conditions can hinder you from following your goals, such as situations or people. This is a question of self organization: If you plan concrete times to work on your (great or intermediate) objectives, where you can concentrate on these without being disturbed or interrupted, you will be surprised how much more you will achieve and approach your goals.
  • Last: Be consequent! The time you have arranged to spend it with working towards your objectives in life should be reserved for this. Inform your regular surrounding that you need this time for your important project (regardless if it is to make more sport or the preparation for a professional changement, etc.), cut off the phone and logout from your preferred social media websites during this time so you can concentrate on your individual project.
  • After terminating an intermediate goal, reward yourself for what you already achieved!
I wish you all the best and good success with realising your personal dreams (not only for 2012)!