Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets

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I have tried different possibilities to earn some money in the internet and on homepages over time. One is Google Adsense which is also integrated in this blog, another (more profitable, but also more time consuming) are review campaigns from sides like the former Trigami on which I occasionally participated in my German blog. There are other possibilities to make money online with different sorts of advertisement too, such as special affiliate programmes and so on.

But these are not the only occasions. Who - for instance - do not has a homepage or blog (of course also who has and wants to make a little more) also can earn fast some money with Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you are able to make cash with Sponsored Tweets. You only need to sign up first.

Myself, I already had an account at this website, because I once used the Magpie Advertising Network. As Magpie has consolidated with Sponsored Tweets, all had been transferred to this side and I now can participate on the tweet campaigns offered to me by the advertisers there. What I find comfortable is that I can login via my Twitter account so that I only need my Twitter password and no supplementary.

The first step was to fill in the indications in "my account". There I also can state up to 10 tags which match the items I twitter and from which I want to be offered campaigns to tweet.

Then I can look for new campaigns at "opportunities". If there are some, they are announced in the list "open". After reading the information, I decide and choose the opp I want to take, write the tweet with the stated link and click on the right button. The tweet will firstly be announced as "pending" until it has been verified by the advertiser. Sometimes the post appears on the profile soon after it has been consigned, sometimes at a later time. When it is posted (this goes automatically), I can see at the "complete" list how many clicks it has received. You will see: It's very easy to make!

Payment is regularly done per click and can be ordered via the "withdraw" button up to a total balance of 50.00$. The per click income is paid out 30 days after the posting and is visible as "pending" during this time. The ordered amount will be transmitted to the Paypal account stated. If you (like me) do not are from the United States, Paypal will then transfer the Dollar amount to your own currency.

If there are any questions or problems occuring, I always can click the "feedback" link on the left to ask for help or give my feedback. It can be posted online or sent as private feedback via email. In the latter case, the answer will also arrive by email. In my opinion, the service and support is very great! My questions regularly had been answered within 10 minutes in a friendly manner, but it never took more than half an hour.

Although I of course cannot become rich of that, I think it is a good possibility to gain some pocket money "by the way" and without to make too much for it. And additionally, I - and my followers too - occasionally learn to know interesting websites, shops or special offers.

Here are some examples from campaigns I completed:

YouGoSocial - a new social network
Book my best - a worldwide hotel price comparison website
TweetBig: A marketing service to get more follower on Twitter
A site to create and manage a blogging network and community
Digital Science Fiction - a short story collection available as ebook
An offer for coloured contact lenses, unter other for Halloween

You want to try this too? So don't hesitate to sign up! There is absolutely no risk.

Tips to optimize your success in making money online with that:

  • Enable "clickwatch" in your account indications (it normally is activated).
  • Try to receive retweets of the sponsored tweets from your followers.
  • Choose campaigns which fit really good to the items you normally twitter.
  • Write the tweet in your own, pregnant words. Make your readers curious with the text so that they will look further by clicking the link.