Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to my world!

This blog is an extension of my German blog Utopia. I will write about a wide range of items which I suppose could be interesting to the international public or whatever interesting thoughts will come into my mind. Maybe I will post creative things of mine too - I'll see.

I hope you, the reader, will like my output. If you like, you could write a comment to discuss about the items in question. Anyway, I would like to hear about your opinions or whatever.

Well - I hope you'll enjoy it all.


  1. (Maybe) your first comment *gg*

    I wish you much pleasure in blogging English and many visitors as well as commentators for your new blog! :-)


    How about an additional blog in French or Spanish, too? *gg*

    In Twitter you will also need additional accounts I think 8-)

  2. Thank you! :-)

    Oh - I guess it would be nice to fill this blog here with content before I even think about starting another blog. ;-)

    One in French would be a good idea - later! Spanish would cause too much time and effort for me when writing about complex items.

    And regarding twitter: I think the one account is sufficient for the moment. If someone feel him- or herself disturbed by English Tweeds which will occur from time to time: Nobody is obligated to follow me. 8-)
    But I think this will not be a problem for the majority.
    No, no, one twitter account is totally enough for me. ;-)